Lanka Kade Wooden Fairytale Letters Retail Display Box 170 Assorted Capitals


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Display box of 170 wooden letters from the Lanka Kade Fairytale series. Majority are as new. a few with slight chips.
A x 0. B x 4. C x 5. D x 10. E x 0. F x 11. G x 8. H x 4. I x 6. J x 5. K x 10. L x 1. M x 9. N x 8. O x 6. P x 10. Q x 11. R x 10. S x 14. T x 9. U x 3. V x 10. W x 7. X x 6. Y x 6. Z x 4.
The display box is OK but not in great condition and we have the stands but they are also not great.
We used to sell these in our retail shop but since we moved from the high street we are no longer selling them hence the sale of our remaining stock.
Sent by courier or collection.